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Returns and after sales FAQ’s

1) How to apply for a return (RMA) or after sales service?

You can request a return by applying for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) once the order has been delivered. Please refer to the specific warranty time-frame on your products page. 


2) What if I have not applied for an RMA but a Customer Service agent offered me an after sales solution, where can I check my RMA status?

You can check the RMA status in your account on the RMA list page.


3) I have selected my preferred RMA solution in “RMA Type”, will you follow my recommendation or offer alternatives?

Our Customer Service will follow your recommendation as long as it is applicable to your case according to our warranty policy.


4) What if after an RMA has been been issued, the product finally works and I do not need to return the item anymore. What should I do then?

Please kindly inform our Customer Service via our Customer Service Center. Our Customer Service will close the RMA application for you.


5) What if after an RMA has been issued I find out that there are more problem with other items in the same order?

You can apply for several types of RMA within one order. However, we will resolve all after sales issues one by one. In other words, we will resolve the previous issue first then the second one, next.

If you need after sales services for different orders at the same time, please submit a separate RMA request for each order.


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